Monday, May 4, 2015

PDW Database Backup

The backup is stored in the G:\Backups directory on the appliance 

There are two type of backup 
Full Backup : A full database backup is a backup of an entire  PDW database similar to SQL Server Backup.

Differential Backup :A differential database backup only includes changes made since the last full PDW Database backup 

Syntax :  FULL BACKUP 

use master

backup database AdventureWorksPDW2012 to disk = '\\\PDWBackups\FULL\05052015\AdventureWorksPDW2012.bak' 

The above statement creates the full backup of of the AdventureWorksPDW2012 database . The backup will be stored in \\\PDWBackups\FULL\05052015\ location. To grant access on this shared location please use sp_pdw_add_network_credentials  command 

backup database AdventureWorksPDW2012 to disk = '\\\PDWBackups\DIFFERENTIAL\05052015\AdventureWorksPDW2012.bak with differential' 

You can not perform differential backup on master database

You can copy a database to a different appliance by copying the backup files to the G:\Backups directory on the Backup node of the target appliance and then performing a restore. However, copying backup files to a different location can negatively impact restore performance. This can occur when the logical disk storage for the backup files varies from the original backup directory.
The target appliance for restoring the backup must have at least as many Compute nodes as the source appliance. The target can have more Compute nodes than the source appliance, but cannot have fewer Compute nodes.