Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to copy non-clustered indexes to subscriber in snapshot replication

In snapshot replication by default Non-cluster indexes are not copied to subscriber below is the work around for copying Non-cluster indexes to subscriber in Snapshot replication.

Step 1:
  - Login into the Publisher server
  -  Expand the Replication folder and Local Publications
  -  Right click on the publisher and select properties

Step 2:
                In Publication Properties window select Articles Tab à Select the Article Properties

Step 3:
  -  In Popup select Set Properties of All Table articles to copy all objects Non-Cluster indexes
  -  Select Set Properties of Highlighted table article to change the option to copy Non-cluster indexes of specific table

Step 4: 

                In Properties for All Tables Articles window change the below highlighted property from False to True.

In next run of snapshot will copy all noncluster indexes to subscriber.