Monday, July 7, 2014



DBCC IND command provides the list of pages used by the table or index. The command provides the page numbers used by the table along with previous page number,next page number. The command takes three parameters.

Syntax is provided below.

DBCC ind ( <database_name>, <table_name>, non clustered index_id*) 

The third parameter can either be a Non Clustered index id ( provided by sys.indexes ) or 1,0,-1,-2. -1 provides complete information about all type of pages( in row data,row over flow data,IAM,all indexes ) associated with the table. The list of columns returned are provided below.

IndexID: Provides id of the index. 0 - for heap, 1 - clustered index.,Non 
clustered ids > 2 .
PagePID : Page number
IAMFID : Fileid of the file containing the page ( refer sysfiles ) 
ObjectID : Objectid of the table used.
Iam_chain_type: Type of data stored ( in row data,row overflow etc )
PageType : 1 refers to Data page, 2 -> Index page,3 and 4 -> text pages
Indexlevel: 0 - refers to leaf. Highest value refers to root of an index.
NextPagePID,PrevPagePID : refers to next and previous page numbers.